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3 Year Guarantee

Fone Teknician upholds the quality of service to its customers, offering a three year warranty period for the parts installed and associated labour to repair your device. 

Please note certain exclusions and conditions apply. 


Quality of parts 

Our company ethos is to offer the best possible service and product. As such, we install Refurbished and OEM* parts.

This ensures your device is repaired by expert and certified technicians with the best parts available in the market.

If you wish to install an Aftermarket** part (slightly more economical) we can place a special order, different waiting time and only a 1 year warranty applies.


* Refurbished / OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

**Aftermarket = Not made by the original equipment manufacturer



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Still come to you

As part of our warranty and in line with the Fone Teknician service offering, we travel to you to perform warranty repairs once approved by our technician and/or customer service representative. 


Phone Repair Sydney | We Come To You | Fone Teknician | 3 Year Warranty

How it works 

1. Submit a Claim

If your device is presenting issues associated with the repair performed by Fone Teknician. Click ‘submit a claim/here’ and fill in the requested information. 


2. We will contact you

Our expert technician or a customer service representative will contact you, to:

  • Confirm the issue

  • Provide options to resolve the issue 

  • Obtain further details 


3. If the issue persists and the claim is approved. A technician will come to you to resolve the matter


Please note exclusions apply


Warranty Exclusions

  • Any damage to your device after the repair is completed 

  • Any failure to the device after physical damage has occurred. For example: dropping the device, 

  • Liquid damage 

  • Any software issues 

  • Issues on your device not related to the original repair. For example: we replaced a camera and your speaker is not working

  • Data loss (we strongly recommend to backup your device prior to any repair) 

  • If your phone has been inspected or repaired by a third party (after we did), this voids the warranty offered by Fone Teknician 

  • Any pre-existing issue that existed prior to the repairs.

  • Issues or problems related to features and functions  we were unable to verify

  • Jailbroken devices

  • Any repair that is not booked via 

  • Any non-working home-button / Touch ID 

  • Battery replacements are not covered by our three year warranty period

  • Any board level repair has different warranty periods. The technician will provide you with detailed information in these cases 

  • Screen protectors are excluded from the three year warranty period 

Please complete this form to make a claim. 

We will contact you in the next three business days. We may, at our discretion, require your device to be sent for inspection prior to approving the claim. Any damage that occurs post lodging your claim sits outside Fone Teknician’s responsibility and will not be covered by our warranty.


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