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iPhone Models We Repair in Sydney

iPhone repairs start from $79

Fone Teknician | iPhone Repair That Comes To You Sydney! | iPhone Models

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iPhone Repair Services Available in Sydney

Choose Fone Teknician to have your iPhone repaired by an Apple Certified iOS Technician. We cover a wide range of technical and exterior issues that can occur ranging from iPhone cracked screen repair to specialist iPhone camera repair. 


Our solutions and convenient portability fall under our same day phone repair service, so you can say goodbye to long waits as you would have with standard competitors. With Fone Teknician, you’ll have your device feeling brand new in no time and the best part is, we come to you!  


Get your iPhone repaired in Sydney today from the iPhone repair specialists at Fone Teknician.

Our repair services include:

iPhone Repair Services | Fone Teknician

iPhone repairs start from $79

This issue is very common and typically requires the precision of an expert to fix. It is always advisable to have any iPhone cracked screen repair or replacement conducted by a certified technician to ensure warranties are unaffected and you get the result you desire. 

If you are noticing pieces are coming off the device or there is visible damage to the display, it may be time to call Fone Teknician to arrange a quick and easy same day phone repair.

When Should an iPhone Screen Change Occur?

iPhone Screen Repair

When do I need to Replace My iPhone Battery?

All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan — eventually their capacity and performance naturally decline or disappear completely. This can contribute heavily towards a noticeable drop in the performance of the entire device. 

Before you begin your search for Apple iPhone repairs near me, ensure you check the Fone Teknician tips and common troubleshoots below:

Battery Issue
iPhone Won't turn on

Battery protecting mode activated after long - term storage

Activate the battery: connect the phone with the power adapter. Charge for approx. 5 - 6 hours.

Battery Draining Rapidly

1. False battery percentage after

long - term storage 

2. Battery percentage mismatch

Battery should return to normal after several cycled charges. If problem persists, you may require our same day phone repair.

No Battery health info

Not compatible with the latest iOS version

Aftermarket batteries might be incompatible with the latest iOS version. Once upgraded, the battery health info might be inaccessible. Still, normal use of the phone is not affected. 

Slow Charging

Battery protecting mode activated after long - term storage

Activate the battery: connect the phone with the power adapter. Charge for approx. 5 - 6 hours.

Battery percentage keeps showing 1%

1. The battery might not be well connected 

2. Battery connector damaged

To extend battery life, it is recommended to use the original power adapter every time. To complete a full charge cycle let the battery discharge 100% after charging fully.

In this case the battery connector needs to be checked by a technician. With issues like this, it’s likely time to replace your iPhone battery.

If the above does not work call us or book an appointment

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

Since 2017, iPhone models have been designed with a glass rear cover, resulting in a distinguished look that differentiates new from previous iPhone models. 


Glass is an easy to mold material that feels smooth to touch, it also showcases a much better translucent look than hard, silver aluminum. More importantly, glass is RF transmission friendly. This means, radio waves can easily pass through. As such LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals will not be affected when travelling through your iPhone.


It has also become popular to include rear glass covers on smartphones, as this enables effective wireless charging. When the back of a phone is made of metal, wireless charging can become inefficient, as metal is too dense to efficiently transfer electricity. Glass, despite its flaws, is the friendliest material for wireless charging and efficient performing communication. However, it is very common for this glass to break or shatter. A broken glass may not only make your iPhone look untidy but could also hurt your hands. 

Different from other smartphones, the iPhone's rear glass is strongly adhered to it's housing. Some techniques to replace this part may include disassembling the pieces using a laser. However, there is a risk of damaging some components inside the iPhone, in particular, the wireless charger that sits between the glass and the housing.


Fone Teknician has studied this part's replacement in detail and performed teardowns on all iPhone models, throughout Apple's history. Over ten years’ experience, have taught us that the best way to address this repair is by replacing the back housing in its entirety. We recommend that you do so.  

Why is this such an expensive repair?


The iPhone back glass is manufactured with the entire housing and frame integrated as one complete unit and is a difficult repair to undertake, it requires transferring all original iPhone components from the old housing to the new one. This is a labor-intensive task, more so than other common repairs,  This repair typically requires one hour of work. 

A broken rear glass exposes your iPhone to dust, water and humidity entering the phone. This may damage components inside and / or deteriorate your iPhone. Don't let your iPhone be exposed to such damage for long. 

Get an instant quote to repair your iPhone's rear glass today.


The best part? We come to you and fix your iPhone Back Glass on the spot, at your place of convenience.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement / Supported models:

Why Choose Us?

Fone Teknician

We provide a service that is at Apple's high standard. We tailor our service for every customer, whether its iPhone screen repair or any sort of error. We are a superior experience that comes to you.

Certified Technician

Get your  iPhone repaired by a Telecommunication Engineer who specialized in electronics and obtained Apple's Certified iOS Technician credentials. We have 10 Years of expertise in the industry & 50k repairs and counting.

Same Day Repair

No need to wait for an unnecessary amount of time for your iPhone to be repaired. Fone Teknician jumps on the scooter bringing the expertise and experience obtained from years of hard work to wherever you may be and deliver our signature same day phone repair (Most repairs take less than 30 minutes)

3 Year Guarantee

Fone Teknician upholds the quality of service to its customers, offering a three year warranty period for the parts installed and associated labour to repair your device. 

Replace Or Restore

Whether you require an iPhone camera repair or a complete change of iPhone screen, Fone Teknician has the capacity and skills to ensure it is done correctly. We’re fast, mobile, and quality assured to get your device back on its feet.

We believe in keeping everything above board, if you have any queries or questions regarding our services don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here or on the chat below.

Fone Teknician | Mobile Phone Repair That Comes To You Sydney! | Will my Apple Warranty be affected?

Will my Apple Warranty be affected?

Your Apple warranty is not affected when repairing your device with us. As published in June 2018 in the ruling result between the ACCC vs Apple  

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