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Same-Day Phone Repair at Your Place of Convenience

  • Certified Technician

  • Most repairs take less than 30 minutes

  • 3 Years Repair Guarantee

  • We Come To You!

Devices We Repair

Apple iPhone Fone Teknician

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Fone Teknician

Apple iPad

Samsung FoneTeknician

Samsung Galaxy

We Accept:

We Accept Visa and Mastercard - Fone Teknician
How it works

How Fone Teknician Works?

Step 1

Complete the 'Get an Instant Quote' form. 

Step 2

Fone Teknician will contact you to confirm your details.

Step 3

We come to you and fix your device on the spot.

Most repairs take less than 30 minutes

Where We Can Fix Your Mobile Phone in Sydney

We offer our repair services anywhere that is convenient for you within a 15km radius of the Sydney CBD.

We will come to you to repair your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy Smartphone where you are – whether you’re at home, at work, or just down at the local café – we can come to you!


We offer our repair services in the following areas of Sydney:

Inner City Sydney, Sydney CBD, Eastern Beaches, Inner West & Southwest Sydney, Sydney Harbour, North Sydney, South-East Sydney

To see a full list of the suburbs we fix your mobile phone in click here. If you can’t see your suburb on the list, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Map Fone Teknician Sydney

About Us

At Fone Teknician we are confident you’d appreciate the passion and dedication we put into our work.


Our consolidated years of expertise in the industry and a second to none understanding of the repair process and QA shall provide you with the peace of mind that your device is being repaired by the best in the industry.


“Having worked at prestigious repair workshops (including Apple) and numerous phone repair shops, it felt to me like most companies are only after volume, their clients are just a number. Not to mention the lack of procedures, QA and technical expertise.


On the other hand, companies such as Apple that offer quality and a great customer service, unfortunately, take forever to repair and give back your phone.


I started Fone Teknician with the aim of providing a service that is at Apple’s standard but is also tailored to every customer. Coming to you and repairing your device on the spot at your place of convenience is my way of doing so”  


Fone Teknician repairs your device in front of you, offering full transparency. You can ask or clarify what you wish to know, our technician can provide technical advice and phone care tips while repairing your device.


Lastly, we encourage everyone to support local initiatives that seek to offer a personalized service.

If you have an iPhone broken screen, Fone Teknician can repair it on the same day. We hold an iOS certification, bringing a certified and professional service to you. We have performed over 50k iPhone screen replacements successfully, including all types of failures, such as iPhone screen not responding to touch, display presenting lines, inky marks, shattered glass or simply no display.  Read more

iPhone Screen Replacement - Fone Teknician
Home Phone Repair - Fone Teknician

You could be at home, at your work, at a business meeting, having a coffee or drink with friends, or simply sharing time with your loved ones.


Fone Teknician comes to you to repair your device at your place of convenience, offering full transparency and a professional quality service.


Learn more about how convenience is the home phone repair service 

iPhone Battery Replacement
iPhone Battery Replacement - Fone Teknician

Check Your Battery Health -

For iPhone 6 models and iOS 11.3 versions onwards, Apple added a new feature to show your iPhone’s battery health, helping you determine when the battery needs to be replaced. This information can be found in Settings > Battery > Battery Health, if showing less than 80% it means it’s time for a new battery.

Battery replacement takes less than 30 minutes.
Read more

Can my mobile device be fixed after being exposed to liquid?

Absolutely, Fone Teknician qualified experts have significant experience at recovering liquid damaged phones. 

Our success rate depends on the type of liquid spilt on the handset, the time past since the accident and what precautions you have taken prior to bringing it to us.

Fone Teknician has a success rate of over 90% when repairing device with liquid damage. Learn more

iPhone Water Damage - Fone Teknician
Why Choose Us?

Fone Teknician

We provide a service that is at Apple's high standard. We tailor our service for every customer, whether its iPhone screen repair or any sort of error. We are a superior experience that comes to you.

Certified Technician

Get your  iPhone repaired by a Telecommunication Engineer who specialized in electronics and obtained Apple's Certified iOS Technician credentials. We have 10 Years of expertise in the industry & 50k repairs and counting.

Same Day Repair

No need to wait for an unnecessary amount of time for your iPhone to be repaired. Fone Teknician jumps on the scooter bringing the expertise and experience obtained from years of hard work to wherever you may be and deliver our signature same day phone repair (Most repairs take less than 30 minutes)

3 Year Guarantee

Fone Teknician upholds the quality of service to its customers, offering a three year warranty period for the parts installed and associated labour to repair your device. Please complete this form to make a claim. 

Fone Teknician | Mobile Phone Repair That Comes To You Sydney! | Will my Apple Warranty be affected?
Will my Apple Warranty be Affected?

Your Apple warranty is not affected when repairing your device with us. As published in June 2018 in the ruling result between the ACCC vs Apple.  

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