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Corporate Repair Services - Fone Teknician

On-site iPhone, iPad & Samsung Repair For Business 

  • Certified Technicians that comes to your office.

  • Same Day Professional repairs, saving time and money

On-Site Service

We come to your office to perform necessary repairs, saving you the time and effort of travelling to a physical phone repair store 

Excellent Customer Service

We strive to deliver exceptional service, making sure all our clients are fully satisfied with our work.

Specialised in Quick Repairs

We take pride in our ability to offer quick, high-quality mobile phone and tablets repairs, ensuring you and your team are back up and running in the shortest possible time.

Hassle Free

Our on-site mobile phone repair service for corporate clients is designed to minimise disruptions and maximise productivity.

Free Consultation

We assess your Mobile Phone's and iPad's issue at no cost before we start any repair work.

No Loss Of Warranty

Fone Teknician repairs will no longer impact your eligibility for Apple’s warranty following the landmark ruling from the ACCC in 2018.

Why Choose Us?

Fone Teknician

We provide a service that is at Apple's high standard. We tailor our service for every customer, whether its iPhone screen repair or any sort of error. We are a superior experience that comes to you.

Certified Technician

Get your  iPhone repaired by a Telecommunication Engineer who specialized in electronics and obtained Apple's Certified iOS Technician credentials. We have 10 Years of expertise in the industry & 50k repairs and counting.

Same Day Repair

No need to wait for an unnecessary amount of time for your iPhone to be repaired. Fone Teknician jumps on the scooter bringing the expertise and experience obtained from years of hard work to wherever you may be and deliver our signature same day phone repair (Most repairs take less than 30 minutes)

3 Year Guarantee

Fone Teknician upholds the quality of service to its customers, offering a three year warranty period for the parts installed and associated labour to repair your device. Please complete this form to make a claim. 

PAYG or Corporate Account


- Ideal if you need less than 30 devices repaired per year.

- No discount for multiple devices repaired in the same visit.

- Repair pricing at current market rates.

- Payment by cash or credit card at the end of the repair.


- Ideal if you need 30 or more devices repaired per year.


- Discount for multiple devices repaired in the same visit.

- Repair pricing at current market rates.

- Pay via transfer  or credit card within 30 days.

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