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iPhone Screen Repair & Replacement Sydney

Repairing damaged and broken iPhone screens is one of our most in demand services at Fone Teknician. If you've dropped your phone and the screen has cracked or stopped working, we are here to help you in Sydney.  We make it easy to have your iPhone screen repaired by coming to you - whether you're at work, at home, or out and about, we can repair your phone's screen at a place that is convenient for you. 


To give you piece of mind, we hold an iOS certification, and bring years of experience and professional phone repair services to you. We have successfully performed more than 50,000 iPhone screen replacements and can fix a wide range of issues that can affect your iPhone's screen, from cracked or shattered glass, the display no longer presenting and even if your phone's screen is not responding to touch.

iPhone Screen components:

The iPhone screen contains different layers:

  • The display panel and a touch sensitive layer forming the LCD (Liquid Damage Display)

  • A Toughened Glass layer

These three layers are fused together in a single ‘assembly’.

How do we repair your iPhone screen?

At Fone Teknician, we follow the procedures validated by Apple. When repairing your iPhone we carry out tested methods completely replacing the full screen ‘assembly’ with a brand new one. Meaning, we replace all three layers, not only the glass layer, this provides certainty that your phone will work as when you first bought it.

iPhone Screen Replacement - Fone Teknician - Sydney

Quality of parts

We only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Ensuring your iPhone is fitted with the highest quality parts.


Time required

The iPhone screen replacement takes from 20 to 30 minutes



Screen replacement start from $89. To get an instant quote for your iPhone model, click here.



Fone Teknician provides 3 year warranty on parts and labour for an iPhone screen replacement

Fone Teknician | Mobile Phone Repair That Comes To You Sydney! | Will my Apple Warranty be affected?

Will my Apple Warranty be affected?

Your Apple warranty is not affected if you repair your device with us.

As published in June 2018 in the ruling result between the ACCC vs Apple  

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