iPhone 6S Repair

Certified iPhone 6S Repair / iPhone 6S Plus Repair 

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Fone Teknician | iPhone Repair That Comes To You Sydney! | iPhone 6S Repair

A broken iPhone can make our day to day needlessly challenging. More so when having to visit a phone repair shop to get it fixed. With Fone Teknician a certified technician comes to you to repair your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.


When deciding to repair your mobile device also consider sustainability 

iPhone Repair Services

Choose Fone Teknician to have your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus repaired by an Apple Certified iOS Technician. Our repair services include:

Earpiece Speaker 
Screen Replacement
Loud Speaker 
Rear Glass Replacement
Charging Port & Mic
Button Repair
iPhone Repair Services | Fone Teknician
Rear Camera 
Battery Replacement
Front  Camera & Sensor
Fone Teknician | Mobile Phone Repair That Comes To You Sydney! | Will my Apple Warranty be affected?

Will my Apple Warranty be affected?

Your Apple warranty is not affected if you repair your device with us.

As published in June 2018 in the ruling result between the ACCC vs Apple  

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