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Liquid Damage

  • What is liquid damage?

  • What Liquids Can Harm Your Phone?

  • Can you mobile device be fixed after being exposed to liquid?

Find the Answers Below 

What is Liquid Damage?

Liquid or "Water Damage" occurs when a liquid substance infiltrates an electronic device. When this happens the liquid substance can cause harm to the internal components of the device. These components are very sensitive and when turned on
and connected, there is electricity passing trough them so that the device can function. When it makes contact with a liquid, a short circuit inside your mobile phone or tablet may occur. This ultimately damages the system, leaving you with a malfunctioned

What Liquids Can Harm Your Phone?


Sea Water



(Beer, Wine, Champagne)

Did you know that even exposing your device to high humidity or steam (when showering with hot water) may negatively impact your phone?

All liquids are dangerous to your phone. That’s why it is important to hire a
professional to get your device back to its normal function.

When trying to understand what is the damage to your phone and how to best address the issue, it is very important to provide the below information to the technician:

1. The type of liquid the device has been exposed to.

2. When did the incident happen? 

3. Did you immediately turn off the phone when it happened or did it turn off automatically?

4. How long did you wait to turn it back on?

5. Did you attempt to fix the phone or mitigate damage in any way?

6. What issues has the device presented since then?

7. Has the device been repaired before this particular damage occurred? What was the issue? When did it happen? 

How did the liquid damage occur?

Liquid damage can occur at any moment when liquid comes into contact with a device.

It is very common for the below to happen:

- Dropping the phone in the ocean, pool, a bath, kitchen sink or toilet basin

- Accidentally placing the phone on a table where liquid is present

- Accidental spilling your drink over the phone

- Leaving a bottle with liquid opened inside a sports bag or handbag

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Can my mobile device be fixed after being exposed to liquid?

Absolutely! Fone Teknician has a team of qualified experts who have extensive experience at recovering liquid damaged phones.

Our success rate depends on the type of liquid spilt on the handset, the time past since the accident, and what precautions you have taken prior to bringing it to us.

Fone Teknician has a success rate of over 90% when repairing device with liquid damage.

Curious Fact: Over 25% of liquid damaged phones repaired by our technicians have been victims of alcoholic drink spills.

Follow the steps below immediately after the incident for the best chance of survival:

1. Turn OFF your phone immediately, do not connect it to a charger.

2. Do not shake the phone in an attempt to remove the liquid.

3. If the phone has been dropped in saltwater, rinse with fresh water or isopropyl alcohol immediately.

4. Remove all accessories such as the battery, SIM card, memory cards, phone case and open any closed ports to allow maximum drainage.

5. Attempt to remove any excess liquid on the exterior of the phone with a cloth carefully.

6. Find a device with an Internet connection and visit to book a repair.

7. Maintain the phone in a safe and dry place whilst we travel to you to perform the repair.

How can Fone Teknician tell the phone has been damaged by a liquid?

Liquid Exposure Indicator:

Most of the mobile devices are fitted with an indicator that automatically activate itself when exposed to liquid. These activators are stickers that in regular and normal condition have a white colour. However, the activator turns red or pink when in contact with damaging liquid or excess moisture




The technician may find signs of corrosion when opening the phone for a repair or diagnosis. Corrosion signs remain even when the device is fully dried. It is crucial that the technician properly cleans the damaged components. Without the cleaning process, corrosion may continue to build up overtime, presenting permanent damage to the internal electronic components.

What is corrosion?


Corrosion is a natural process, as a result of electrochemical reactions between materials and substances in their environment. This reaction can result in permanent damage or alteration of the composition of electronic components.


  • For devices presenting liquid damage issues, we will perform our diagnosis in accordance with industry standards and procedures.

  • If the device cannot be repaired, a minimum fee of $59 applies for the time the technician spends diagnosing, disassembling/ reassembling the device, and travelling to you.

  • If the device can be repaired, we only charge the fee for the repair and associated parts installed.

We will always present water damage evidence and impacts on the phone for transparency. Get in touch with one of our highly qualified team members to get your phone up and running again!

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