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Samsung Smartphone Screen Repair & Replacements Sydney

  • Certified technician

  • Fast Repairs in less than 30 minutes

  • 3 Year Repair Guarantee

  • We come to you in Sydney

Screen Replacements and Repairs for Samsung Devices in Sydney   

A Samsung smartphone screen replacement is one of the most common repairs for a Samsung device.


Here at Fone Teknician, we have performed more than 40,000 Samsung mobile screen replacements and we’re not slowing down.


If you need an experienced, professional and affordable repair technician to fix your Samsung smartphone screen, then you’re in safe hands with Fone Teknician.


Get a quote for your repair service now.  


With more than 10 years of experience in repairing mobile devices, including Samsung smartphone screens, we’ve developed highly professional repair skills which means no job is too big or too small for us.


Here's What You Need to Know About Replacing Your Samsung Smartphone Screen

Do I really need to fix my Samsung’s broken screen?


If your phone’s screen is broken in any way, you should most certainly consider getting it repaired. Some issues, like no display, no response to touch or lines that disrupt the display can make your phone unusable, other issues like cracked or shattered glass might not seem as urgent.


While in a lot of cases, a cracked Samsung phone screen will mean that you can still use your phone, you are running the risk of causing greater damage to your mobile device – or you.


If you keep using your phone with a cracked screen this can lead to debris getting into your device, or liquid or moisture seeping in, which can cause pretty significant damage to your phone. A screen replacement is a fast and affordable repair that can also prevent your fingers from getting cut or scratched!


Don’t leave it until its too late, repair your Samsung phone screen.

How much does it cost to replace a Samsung phone screen?

Screen replacements for Samsung mobiles start at $79. However, the cost will depend on the Samsung phone model and the extent of any damage. There may be other issues not just a broken screen that are impacting your phone.


You can get a quote for the cost of repairing your Samsung phone’s screen here.

How long will it take to fix my phone’s screen?

Replacing a Samsung phone screen is a fast repair that can often be done in less than 30 minutes This of course does depend on the phone model and if there are other issues that need to be fixed at the same time!



Make your Samsung phone screen repair easier

Do you know how your Samsung mobile phone screen was damaged?


If you know how your mobile device’s screen was damaged, make sure you tell us – this can sometimes make the repair even easier to perform and gives us an idea if we should assess for any other kinds of damage that may have occurred.

Some of the most common ways people break their phone’s screen include: 

  • Dropping it on the ground or hard surface

  • Accidentally sitting or standing on your phone

  • Dropping something heavy onto your phone. 


If you don’t know what has caused the problem – don’t stress, we can still fix your phone!

Where We Can fix Your Samsung Phone Screen

Our repair services are available anywhere that works best for you within a 15km radius of the Sydney CBD.


We come to you to perform all of our repairs, including our Samsung screen replacements, and we can come to your home, your workplace or anywhere else that is convenient for you.


Our services are available in the following areas of Sydney:


Inner City Sydney, Sydney CBD, Eastern Beaches, Inner West & Southwest Sydney, Sydney Harbour, North Sydney, South-East Sydney

For a full list of our suburb service areas, click here.

Why Choose Us?

Fone Teknician

We provide a service that is at Apple's high standard. We tailor our service for every customer, whether its iPhone screen repair or any sort of error. We are a superior experience that comes to you.

Certified Technician

Get your  iPhone repaired by a Telecommunication Engineer who specialized in electronics and obtained Apple's Certified iOS Technician credentials. We have 10 Years of expertise in the industry & 50k repairs and counting.

Same Day Repair

No need to wait for an unnecessary amount of time for your iPhone to be repaired. Fone Teknician jumps on the scooter bringing the expertise and experience obtained from years of hard work to wherever you may be and deliver our signature same day phone repair (Most repairs take less than 30 minutes)

3 Year Guarantee

Fone Teknician upholds the quality of service to its customers, offering a three year warranty period for the parts installed and associated labour to repair your device. Please complete this form to make a claim.

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