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7 Common (and Sometimes, Silly) Ways People Break Their Smartphones

We’ve been repairing smartphones for over 10 years, and trust us, we’ve seen all kinds of damaged phones and heard the stories behind them.

Every time a customer brings us their phone and tells us how their phone got damaged, we can’t help but feel the pain of the shattered device in front of us. Or sometimes, all we can do is hold back

our laughter because of how crazy the way they broke their phones.

That’s why in this piece, we’re sharing the most common and ridiculous ways people ruin their phones. Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two and prevent all these things from happening!

Accidentally dropping the phone on the ground

This is the most common way people ruin their phones. No doubt about it. And to be perfectly honest, we’re guilty of it, too!

There are several ways how people “accidentally” drop their phones. Just read some of the stories that we’ve heard from our clients. And we bet you would relate as well!

Replacing the protective case – have you tried taking out the phone from the tight case, but instead, the phone drops? Well in some cases, the phone doesn’t just drop. It breaks.

Getting surprised by people – whether it’s an actual surprise party or just a friend messing around with you, getting startled by someone with your phone in your hand is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Clumsiness – some people are just born clumsy and unlucky. For some reason, they just constantly drop their phone wherever they go.

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