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7 Common (and Sometimes, Silly) Ways People Break Their Smartphones

We’ve been repairing smartphones for over 10 years, and trust us, we’ve seen all kinds of damaged phones and heard the stories behind them.

Every time a customer brings us their phone and tells us how their phone got damaged, we can’t help but feel the pain of the shattered device in front of us. Or sometimes, all we can do is hold back

our laughter because of how crazy the way they broke their phones.

That’s why in this piece, we’re sharing the most common and ridiculous ways people ruin their phones. Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two and prevent all these things from happening!

Accidentally dropping the phone on the ground

This is the most common way people ruin their phones. No doubt about it. And to be perfectly honest, we’re guilty of it, too!

There are several ways how people “accidentally” drop their phones. Just read some of the stories that we’ve heard from our clients. And we bet you would relate as well!

Replacing the protective case – have you tried taking out the phone from the tight case, but instead, the phone drops? Well in some cases, the phone doesn’t just drop. It breaks.

Getting surprised by people – whether it’s an actual surprise party or just a friend messing around with you, getting startled by someone with your phone in your hand is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Clumsiness – some people are just born clumsy and unlucky. For some reason, they just constantly drop their phone wherever they go.

Possible solutions: Aside from being extra mindful, buy sturdier cases and even consider the kind that come with ring holders.

You can also buy cases that have dedicated holes for wrist straps. This way, even if you lose grip of your phone, it won’t fall off because it’s chained to your wrist.

Throwing it in anger or excitement

If you’re one of those people who just can’t control their emotions, you might want to put your phone away when you’re watching a scary movie or having a fight with somebody.

Because the last thing you want to do is to throw your phone out of shock, anger, or even excitement. It may sound ridiculous, but it actually happens to some people!

We can’t count how many screen replacements we had to do just because our clients threw their phones away.

Possible solutions: either learn how to control your emotions, which is understandably hard to do, or don’t hold your phone when you’re watching a horror film or arguing with somebody.

But if worse comes to worst, you can always have your shattered screens or rear glass replaced.

Anything that involves liquid

Liquid damage is one silent killer. On the outside, your phone looks alright, but when you try to open it or fiddle with its interface, the phone isn’t very responsive!

There are many ways in which any form of liquid can penetrate the insides of your phone. All of which you should try to avoid from happening:

Puking over your phone – this is one of the craziest ones we’ve heard. And apparently, it’s more common than you think!

So, if you’re going to drink your stress away and you think you’re going to puke, just make sure to grab a bucket, not your phone!

Dropping it in the water during a trip – is one of the most common causes of liquid damage. You go on a trip to the beach and take selfies in the middle of the sea, then the next thing you know, your phone is already at the bottom of the ocean.

Lucky you if there’s someone in your group who can free dive to retrieve your phone! But even if you do, good luck powering it on – even the most “waterproof” phones can only withstand so much liquid!

Possible solutions: for your IG-worthy snaps, just bring a waterproof action camera instead! Or place your phone inside a tightly sealed waterproof bag.

Spilling liquid over the phone – if you think you’re the only one who always seems to spill your coffee, milk, tea, or just plain water, you’re not alone. There’s a handful of you. We even know someone who dropped their phone into a bowl of soup at lunch!

While most of these cases are purely accidental, there are certain ways you can do to protect your phone.

Possible solutions: get an IP rated phone and phone case. A splash of water can’t do anything with a waterproof device or casing.

You’ll only have a problem when you submerge your phone in the water for longer than the IP rating can manage. When that happens, it’s no use crying over spilled milk.

Putting it in the back pocket of your pants

Putting your phone in your back pocket is like handing out your phone to the gods of destruction. Here’s how it can damage your phone

Sitting on it unknowingly – there’s a good chance you’ll forget that you have your phone in there. Not only are back pockets too tight for your phone, but your weight (no matter how heavy or light you are) might be too much to handle for a slim device just the size of your palm. Especially if you’re going to sit on a hard chair like a wooden or metal one.

So as much as possible, just bring a small sling bag for your phone. It’s much safer that way.

Stepping on it when taking your pants off – whether you’re changing clothes or taking a number two, the chance of you stepping on your phone is very high. That’s why you should never put it in the back pocket.

Falling asleep while holding it (or worse, sleeping on it)

How many times have you woken up by the sound of your phone dropping on the floor? Painful, right? What’s even worse is when you realise that you were just holding it a few seconds ago.

It happened to all of us for sure. We all can’t seem to help it. That’s why as much as possible, you must put your phone in a drawer beside your bed before taking your Zs.

It will not only help you sleep easily, but it will also help prevent your phone from slipping your hands and falling on the floor. Also, you will avoid sleeping on it, which is a worse situation for your phone to be in.

Using it for hours without a break

Breaking your phone doesn’t only mean ruining its body. It also means ruining the systems and the hardware that makes them functional. And one of the fastest ways to ruin them is by overusing your device.

That’s why no matter how high-end your phone is, make sure to let it take a breather! Once you use it non-stop, the RAM and processors can get all worked up and overheat. Then it could only go south from there.

Overcharging it (or using it while charging)

The battery is the workhorse of your phone that you must never abuse. It’s also susceptible to damage every time you overuse it.

But aside from over usage, another way to ruin your phone’s battery is by overcharging it or using it while charging.

While it’s only right to let your phone recharge, leaving it plugged for too long might also cause damage to it. The next thing you know, you already have a dead phone in your hands.

Once that happens, you have no other choice but to replace your battery.

For phone repairs in Sydney, contact Fone Teknician!

The situations we’ve laid out above are inevitable. No matter how mindful you are with your phone, there will come a time when it can no longer take a beating and get damaged.

When that happens, just hit us up and we’ll take care of your phone! Wherever you are in Sydney, we’ll go to your place and time of convenience and fix your phone right in front of you!

We offer all kinds of repair services, from camera repairs to button replacements, speaker repairs, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s fix your iPhone or repair your Samsung!


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