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This is Who Our Smartphone and Mobile Device Repair Service is Perfect For

Here at Fone Teknician, we offer a range of repair services for mobile devices throughout Sydney.

Specialising in the repair of Apple iPhones, iPads and Samsung smartphones, our services are available to a wide range of customers – basically anyone with a device that isn’t working properly.

This includes individuals, groups, businesses, schools and pretty much every other person in the area. And today, we want to talk about the benefits of working with Fone Teknician for your device repair needs if you’re from any of these groups.

Let’s jump right in.

Here’s Who Can Use Our Phone Repair Services

With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets playing such an important role in basically everyone’s lives, when they stop working, whether it’s through fault of your own or the device, it really is the last thing you need.

Our smartphones are for much more than just making phone calls – they are our way to communicate through texting and emails, they are our wallets, they are our televisions, and for some people, they are their learning devices.

So, when something goes wrong you need a repair specialist who can fix just about anything for anyone. And here at Fone Teknician, we’re that repair specialist in Sydney.

Here’s who we can help and how:


Gone are the days of pen and paper in the classroom. These days most learning in the classroom is done on iPads. And while most kids will do what they can to keep their iPads in working order, kids will be kids, and unfortunately their equipment can be easily damaged.

One of the most common problems we come across when it comes to devices used for school, is a broken iPad screen – Kids drop their iPads, leave them in their schoolbags to tumble about, or they drop things onto them.

Fortunately, this kind of repair is simple for a professional iPad repair specialist – we can usually get these sorted out in less than half an hour. Which is great news for schools, kids and parents.

For schools, it means there is less time that the child’s learning time is interrupted, for kids it means they aren’t without their device for too long, and for the parents, it means that they don’t have to spend money on a replacement device.

Whether the iPad is owned by the student or the school, it doesn’t matter, because at Fone Teknician, our services are available to both. Parents can book their child’s school iPad to be serviced or repaired by us at any time.

In addition to repairing devices when required, we can also work with schools to create a service schedule, where we can come to the school and perform device repairs and services to ensure all iPads are in proper working too.

You can discuss our iPad and mobile device repair service for schools by giving us a call on 1300 806 774.

Corporate Businesses

It’s common practice for big businesses to supply their staff with mobile phones, iPads, and other tech gear to ensure they can get the job done.

But when these devices break and are not able to be used to their full ability, it can massively impact your staff’s ability to get the job done.

Rather than relying on an already overworked IT department to fix these devices, you can have the repairs done in a matter of hours instead of days and weeks.

If your business relies on your staff being able to work on their devices and be able to be on the go when they need, if their devices are down, so to is your business’s productivity.

That’s where we come in. Our iPhone, Samsung smartphone and iPad repair specialists can come to your business and repair your device on site.

Our corporate repair services are available throughout Sydney, and even if you have a staff member out in the field, that’s ok, because we can go to them too.

We perform our repair services right in front of you too, so you don’t need to be concerned about your business’s security or data either.


With dirt, dust and just about everything else being contended with daily, a tradie’s phone can go through a lot.

Working outside and onsite means that your smartphone is being exposed to various elements and because you’re always on the go – it’s common that accidents happen.

Whether you drop your phone and the back or your speakers or charging ports become blocked from the site, we’ve got your back.

Like our repair services for schools, corporate businesses and individuals, our phone repair services for tradies comes to you in Sydney – wherever you are. We can come to your site and repair your

device right in front of you.

Being able to stay in touch with your team is important in any job, particularly in one where you’re working in multiple locations, so don’t let a broken iPhone put your building and construction team behind. Get it repaired by the repair specialists at Fone Teknician today.

Our services

Our phone repair services are not limited to schools, businesses, and tradies, they are open for everyone and anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Samsung device on the fritz – all you need to do is book in your repair with us by using our instant quote form here.

We like to consider our repair services as express iPhone and mobile device repair services because we work fast, and you are never left waiting.

We offer a wide variety of repairs for iPhones, iPads and Samsung mobile devices, from standard smashed screen repairs to broken cameras, faulty batteries, non-responsive screens and the dreaded liquid damage.

We pride ourselves on our repair skills, with more than 10 years of experience and our iOS certification, providing us with the ability to repair just about every device we’ve encountered.

No device problem is too big or too small for our repair technicians and with a 3-year warranty for our repair services and parts used, you can feel confident in knowing you’re making the best decision to repair your mobile device with Fone Teknician.


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