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Where to Get Your iPhone Rear Glass Replaced in Sydney

Did you break your iPhone’s rear glass? Don’t prolong the damage, get it fixed fast with some help from us here at Fone Teknician.

At Fone Teknician, we offer a wide variety of smartphone and iphone repairs in Sydney, including, but not limited to, replacement of the rear glass of your smartphone.

We can replace your iPhone’s rear glass wherever you are in Sydney. We’ll bring all the replacement parts and tools needed and fix your phone right in front of you.  

Here’s What You Need To Know About Back Glass Repairs for Your Smartphone 

Can you replace the back glass of an iPhone?

Absolutely! If the rear glass of your smartphone is completely broken, we highly recommend replacing it with a new one. Here at Fone Teknician, we only use OEM parts that are a snug fit to your iPhone or Galaxy phone.

How much does a new Phone rear glass cost?

To replace your phone’s back glass prices start at $209. The price of this service is dependent on the model of iPhone or Samsung Smartphone that you have.

How long will it take to replace my iPhone rear glass?

Most of our repairs take around 30 minutes to complete. However, they may take longer if there are other issues affecting your mobile device and depending on the type of damage.


Repairing the back glass of a smartphone might sound simple and straightforward, however, it is actually very labour intensive repair that takes time and expertise.


You can learn more about the repair process for the back glass of your smartphone below.


Make Your Phone’s Back Glass Repair Easier

Do you know how your phone’s rear glass was damaged?

If your phone’s rear glass was damaged and you know how, let us know – it might make the repair process easier and faster for us!


Some of the common ways people damage their phone’s back glass include:

  • Dropping something heavy on your phone

  • Dropping your phone on the ground or hard surface

  • Accidentally sitting or standing on your phone

If these things happen on your phone, we can help you fix that!

Why get your phone fixed by Fone Teknician?


We have 10+ years of experience on our resume

In a decade, we’ve already repaired more than 50K gadgets and still counting! We’ve already mastered the art of repairing a smartphone, allowing us to tailor our services to the customer’s needs.


We also have an iOS certification to assure you that we know what we’re doing and that you can entrust your phones to us.


We repair whenever and wherever in Sydney

Instead of you coming to your repair shop, we bring our shop to you. Choose a place and time of your convenience and we’ll be there to repair your phone!


This way, you can do more important things like a business meeting or an afternoon jog.


Our friendly technicians are always open for a chat while they repair

If you’re that kind of person who likes to watch their phone being carefully opened, examined, and brought back to life, feel free to stay and watch!


Strike up a conversation, and we’ll even tell you the trick of the trade on how you can prevent your rear glass from getting broken!


A 3-year warranty is not bad, right?

If you decide to have your phone serviced with us, we provide a 3-year warranty. From the cost of the replacement parts to the labour cost, they’re all covered.


Click here to make a claim.

Where We Can Fix Your Mobile Phone’s Rear Glass

We offer our repair services anywhere that is convenient for you within a 15km radius of the Sydney CBD.


We will come to you to repair your mobile device’s back glass wherever you are – whether you’re at home, at work or at the local café – we can help you!


We offer our services in the following areas of Sydney:

Inner City Sydney, Sydney CBD, Eastern Beaches, Inner West & Southwest Sydney, Sydney Harbour, North Sydney, Southeast Sydney

To see a full list of the suburbs we provide our mobile phone repair services, click here. If you can’t see your suburb listed, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Phone Repairs We Offer

Choose Fone Teknician to have your iPhone, iPad and Samsung repaired by a Certified Technician. Our repair services include:

Rear Glass Replacement
iPhone Repair Services | Fone Teknician
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