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How Convenience is a Home Phone Repair Service? 

Worldwide trends indicate that users, more than ever, prefer to keep and care for their mobile or technological devices over buying a new one. Generally, this decision is made due to economical advantages of having a device fixed instead of fully paying for a new one and concerns about losing data when transferring to a new device. Many people prefer a home phone repair service because they want to contribute to the conservation of our environment, reducing the amount of devices used.

You have the right to restore your electronic device by professional technicians, without voiding any warranties with the manufacturer.

Fone Teknician is a professional, convenient, and all round service, providing a phone repair that comes to you. You won't have to worry about travelling to a service shop to have your mobile device, tablet or iPad mended. Furthermore, you do not need to wait for several hours (sometimes days) to have your device restored. Our iPhone repair come to you the same day of the booking to fix your device on the spot in less than 30 minutes in most cases.

In no time, you can watch a movie, continue to work, join a meeting call, and message your family and friends without any hassle. Fone Teknician provides a phone repair that comes to you to fix your device at your place of convenience, offering full transparency and a professional quality service.

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Home Phone Repair

A Home Phone Repair Service That Comes to You!

​Learn More Below 

Phone Repair that Comes to You

Mobile devices are essential to daily living, whether you are communicating with friends or family, for work, to even enjoying a movie. At Fone Technician, we offer a premium quality home phone repair for your device on the spot, providing a quick and efficient service. Having someone travel to fix your device immediately is highly important solution, especially if you need to use it urgently.

For example, when your device is subject to liquid damage, should you find yourself in this accidental situation, it is critical to unplug the battery from the device. However, this is not possible in Apple and Samsung mobile devices without the proper tools and technical expertise. To do so, it is required to open up the device with care, remove the liquid excess and fully dry all components.


This seeks to prevent corrosion from forming and most importantly any damage that can potentially cause data loss. Liquid damage typically results in extreme harm to electronic devices, the quicker the response to address the damage, the greater the possibilities for a successful repair.


Understanding the urgency of this important aspect, Fone Teknician proudly offers same day and home phone repair services.

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1. Have you noticed that the battery charge in your device is dying out quickly?

2. Is there no power on your Mobile Device?

3. Is the screen on your iPhone, iPad or Samsung device:

- Not responding to touch?

- Displaying lines or inky marks?

- Not displaying anything at all


4. Does your mobile device have shattered glass?

5. Are the speakers on your device not loud enough or working as they used to? 

6. Are any of the plugs (e.g. headphones, charging port, etc.) not working on your device? 


We have the perfect solution this and more! 

Home Phone Repair Services

Choose Fone Teknician to have your iPhone, iPad and Samsung repaired by a Certified Technician. Our Home Phone  Repair in Sydney include:

iPhone Repair Services | Fone Teknician

You'll be glad to know there is no other professional, quality service available to you like Fone Teknician. Offering nothing less than quality and experience.

We provide the finest home phone repair Sydney has to offer, taking the extra step further to guarantee your device remains intact and in the best condition possible.


Fone Teknician has certified technicians that come to your place of convenience, to not only restore your device, but also save you time, parking money, stress of leaving your phone with someone for hours or even days, three year warranty in parts & labor and on top of it all, ease of payment.


No need to pay online or beforehand, our technicians accept payment via cash or card on the spot, after your iPhone, iPad and Samsung device is fully mended, guaranteeing your device is functioning and. 


How Fone Teknician Works?

Step 1

Complete the 'Get an Instant Quote' form. 

Step 2

Fone Teknician will contact you to confirm your details.

Step 3

We come to you and fix your device on the spot.

Most repairs take less than 30 minutes

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