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How to Make Your Phone Last Longer and Perform Better

Smartphones run the world now. They’re faster, smarter, and a lot slimmer. But also, let’s admit it, more fragile.

Gone is the era of the brick phones—the golden age where mobile phones like the Nokia 3310 hardly saw a repair technician or went through phone maintenance, no matter what floor of the flat it fell from.

Today’s phones may be a lot smarter than the brick phones of the past, but they’re nothing compared to the Nokia and classic Motorola units, durability-wise – which were the Bruce Willises of mobile… unbreakable.

But, like they always say, it is what it is. If you own an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, or smartphone of any kind, you should learn how to take care of it properly.

You must perform a little bit of mobile phone maintenance every now and then to keep it in tiptop shape, and hopefully, make your phone perform better and last longer as possible.

So how do you do maintenance on your phone exactly? Well, below are some tips and tricks from a repair technician’s playbook:

1. Get a sturdy phone case

This is a no-brainer. If you have a smartphone, you should have at least one phone case as well.

They’re like the big brothers of the phone world, where one has to protect the other all the time.

Most phone cases can shield your gadgets from hairline scratches and a few knocks while keeping your phone still looking thin and sleek.

Also, there are several phone cases available out there that can protect your phone from hard falls and major damages. However, they tend to be bulky and heavy.

No matter what your preferences are, and no matter what brand and model you have, we’re certain there’s a perfect case for your phone to prevent it from getting damaged. Especially your rear glass.

But if you already have a shattered one because you didn’t get a phone case, replace your rear glass as soon as possible.

And once fixed, be sure to grab a phone case in your next run to the tech store.

2. Throw in a screen protector, too

Cases really only protect the back and side real estate of your phones, leaving the front screen susceptible to cracks and scratches.

Although newer models come with better screens like the Gorilla glass, they’re still not 100% safe from damage. Trust us, we’ve done replacements before on smartphones that supposedly have “durable” and “anti-scratch” screens.

So if we were you, we would go get that screen protector now rather than spend on phone screen replacements later.

3. Clean the ports, speakers, and surfaces

Can't charge your phone? Loudspeakers not loud enough? If you’re experiencing these problems, there’s a chance that your phone is flat out nasty.

Below are some tips on how to clean up your cell phone:

Cleaning the charging ports

The charging port might just be filled with lint, dust or pet fur making the transfer of energy impossible.

The best way to take the debris off your lightning port is to use a dry antistatic brush – if you have one.

You can also use thin tweezers to carefully pick up the lint in your ports. Just make sure not to damage the insides.

Cleaning the speakers

Same with loudspeakers and earpiece speakers. There’s a good chance that it’s the grime build-up that causes the muffled or low-volume sounds.

What you can do is gently scrub the grill of your speaker using a thin and soft-bristled (dry) toothbrush to loosen up and remove the dirt from the speaker.