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This is How Easy it is to Get Your Phone Fixed at Home

It can happen at any time.

Your precious, important, and oh so useful mobile phone manages to escape your grip.

As your phone hurtles towards the hard ground or even worse, into the very wet pool, you stand there helpless.

All you can do is pick it up and assess the damage through your squinting eyes.

Sometimes, you escape any damage at all and your phone lives to see another day. Sometimes, you’re not so lucky. The screen has shattered, the back glass has broken, or maybe your camera lens has cracked.

Whatever the damage to your phone is, it’s inconvenient and pretty frustrating. And it always seems to happen when you need it the least – not that you ever need it.

We all know how much we use our mobile phones but imagine breaking your smartphone before a big trip where you’re going to need your map app, or the day before you’re meant to be seeing your favourite band in concert.

You need action fast. But before you think about heading down to your local JB Hi-Fi and forking over literally hundreds of dollars to buy a new phone, stop what you’re doing.

When your phone breaks, it’s not a death sentence for that phone. It’s actually so easy to get your phone repaired fast and affordably.

That’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Getting your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy smartphone fixed in Sydney couldn’t be easier than it is when you choose to work wit us here at Fone Teknician. We repair all sorts of issues that can affect your iPhone or Samsung, we do it at a place that is convenient for you, and we can sometimes even do same-day repair.

This might all sound a little too good to be true – but we promise you, it sounds this good because it is this good.

Let us tell you more.

Here’s what you need to know about our Sydney mobile phone repair services

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the catch is

There really isn’t one – we fix phones and we do it really well. There are some small details you should know if you’re looking for someone to repair your mobile phone in Sydney, so here they are:

1. Who we are

We are iOS Certified mobile phone repair experts servicing the residents of Sydney. We’re passionate about providing the highest level of service as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

From our years of working at various mobile phone repair shops and even Apple, we’ve gained a lot of experience and understanding of the repair process.

We’ve also gained the realisation that many mobile phone repair companies only care about how many customers they are getting through the door – with the quality of their repair taking a backseat to the volume of repairs they are performing. While those that do provide great customer service and high quality service levels, unfortunately take forever to actually repair your phone.

These are the motivating factors behind starting Fone Teknician in the first place. We wanted to find the balance here, where we can perform fast repairs, properly, and without you having to pay an arm and leg for them.

We come to you to repair your mobile phone, we can answer any and all of your questions, and we can even perform the repair in front of you – you get full transparency and honest service each and every time.

2. What we repair

We offer repair services for all iPhone models, iPads and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

While we would love to be able to repair every model of mobile phone, we have chosen to focus on these specific brands as it allows us to develop our skills and expertise.

We have an intimate understanding of basically any issue that can affect these kinds of phones and mobile devices, meaning that our repair success rate is very high.

We can fix all sorts of issues that might affect your smartphone, from liquid damage to cracked screens, faulty speakers to dodgy charging ports.

You can check out a list of the devices we currently perform repairs on here. If you have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that you don’t see on the list, get in touch with us here to confirm whether we can help you!

3. Where our services are available

We’re based in Sydney and offer our services to all suburbs within a 15km radius of the Sydney CBD. Check out a list of suburbs our services are available here – if you can’t see your suburb on the list, don’t stress, we might have missed them off the list – get in touch with us here to confirm if we can come to you.

When it come to using our service, you don’t need to come to us and leave your phone with us. Rather, we come to you, wherever you are, wherever works best for you. We can come to your house, a local café, your workplace, even down at the park – we’re not precious about where we work, we’ve got everything we need on us to get the job done!

So, how does it work?

If you’ve broken your phone, it’s super simple to organise a repair from Fone Teknician. All you need

to do is visit our website and select the “Get a Quote” button to get started.

Then you select your mobile device from the list, tell us what is wrong, and we provide you with an instant quote for our service. If you’re happy with the quote, you complete a few more details,

including telling us where you want to get your phone repaired.

We’ll then get in touch with you to confirm the details and on the day of your service, we’ll be at your door right on time.

Once we repair your phone, you’ll be on your merry way with a phone that is working like new!

It really is that easy.

The benefits of getting your mobile phone repaired with Fone Teknician

Choosing to repair your mobile phone instead of replacing it has a whole host of benefits, and when you choose Fone Teknician, there are even more benefits to getting your phone repaired.

Here are some of them:

It’s much more convenient that you might realise

Once upon a time, getting your mobile phone repaired meant that you had to leave it at a repair shop or even send it off to the manufacturer and be without your phone for at least a few days.

If you can remember those times, you probably think it’s much more of a hassle to get a mobile phone repaired than the reality.

Like we said earlier, you just need to book using our quote form and we come to you – at a time and place that works for you.

It doesn’t take very long

As we touched on above, back in the day, you used to have to give up your phone for a few days to even weeks at a time to get it repaired.

Not anymore.

Most of our repair services take us less than 30 minutes to complete properly. Obviously the total time will depend on what exactly is going on with your phone, how it was damaged and the kind of phone you have – every model has its own intricacies, however, most of the time, it’s a super fast fix and you will have a working phone a lot faster than you might realise.

It’s pretty cheap

We know we keep talking about back in the day, but that’s because a lot of people who overlook getting their phone fixed now are the ones who lived through the early days of smartphone repairs – it was tough!

While actual smartphones have always been pricey, the repairs to fix them used to be so much more expensive than they are now. If you broke your phone, you may as well have just replaced it in the early days f smartphones.

The reason for this is because when smartphones started to be more readily used by the general population, there were not as many repair specialists out there who could repair this new technology when things went wrong.

There were also complications about third party repair services and manufacturer warranties, however, this is no longer an issue.

Over time, we’ve been able to gain more of an understanding of smartphone technology and we’ve also become more experienced with fixing it. With less of a monopoly on who can repair smartphones, it means that the cost to you is significantly less.

Now, the cost to repair your smartphone is a fraction of the cost of a new mobile phone.

Our services are guaranteed

We are confident in our abilities here at Fone Teknician, which is why we offer a 3 year guarantee for our repair services.

This warranty covers both parts and labour – unless you choose to use aftermarket parts in your repair. We prefer to work with original manufacturer parts, however, if for some reason you would prefer aftermarket parts, then we can special order them, but our guarantee is reduced to only 1 year.

We take pride in offering a high level of quality services and expertise and fully stand by our 3 year warranty.

Repairing your phone is a sustainable option

There are literally millions of mobile phones sitting unused all over the world.

They are everywhere, in draws, cars, under beds, on your desk – absolutely everywhere. They are often unused because they have some sort of issue affecting them, and instead of getting them fixed, many people made the choice to go buy a new one.

A lot of the time, people have made this choice because it is the easier option. They may have weighed up their options, particularly when thinking about the financial element, and still decided to buy a new phone.

But one thing people often overlook, is the environmental impact replacing a mobile phone has over repairing one.

Many of these phones will end up in landfill one day, when they have issues that are fixable.

When you make the choice to have your phone repaired instead of replaced, you’re making a decision that is environmentally friendly and responsible – you’re stopping another mobile phone from making it’s way into the bin before it’s time.

Mobile phone issues we can fix

There are a whole host of reasons your phone may not work at its best. Whether you’ve had an accident that has caused damage or your phone is just not working as well as it should, we can help you.

These are some of the repair services we offer:

It doesn’t matter how the problem started, we’re here to help you fix it.

What you need to do

So, if you need to get your mobile phone repaired in Sydney stat, then there are only a few things you need to do.

First up, make sure you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy smartphone or iPad – we fix all models of these phones, but we don’t fix any other brands at this point in time.

Then you need to book in a service via out instant quote form. You just need to tell us the issues your phone is having, we’ll give you a quote instantly, and if you’re happy, then you can confirm where and when you want the service.

The best thing you can do when booking your service, is to provide us with as many details as possible. The more we know the more we can fix.

It really couldn’t be easier to get your Samsung or iPhone repaired in Sydney today!


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